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Mystic Java

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Mystic Java

Seductive Iron & Bamboo Music

Unparalleled music from distant Java. You've got to hear this spectacular village music. Vibrant drums, sizzling gongs, magical flutes, seductive bamboo, and iron xylophones take you to a primitive enchanted realm that's unforgettable.

You won't believe the incredible variety of musical styles. Fantastic rhythms combine with exotic melodies.

Guaranteed to take you on an aural adventure!

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Punjari click to listen to audio sample 8:30
2. Adhu Manis click to listen to audio sample 6:40
3. Drum solo 2:07
4. Ramayana 13:05
5. Pangkur click to listen to audio sample 10:37
6. Kamana 6:39
7. Tutup 2:19
8. Karang Ulun click to listen to audio sample 8:09


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