Maya Music

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Maya Music

Tribal Music of Guatemala

Haunting primitive music from the distant past. I journeyed to Guatemala to record and document this fantastic ancient music.

Experience the wonderful Chirimia, a double reed wood flute whose soulful melodies sound like ancient spirits calling from the deep jungle. The Chirimia is accompanied by the deep tun drum (made from a log with skin heads).

This exotic music reflects a fascinating blend of pre-columbian rhythms and sounds. Hear the delightful pituto flute and the marimba tecomate (the world's oldest marimba made with gourds).

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Campanaba click to listen to audio sample 7:20
2. Son Cruzado click to listen to audio sample 4:21
3. La Entrada click to listen to audio sample 6:05
4. Maya Music click to listen to audio sample 4:23
5. Un Compadre 2:23
6. Jesus Nasareno click to listen to audio sample 7:30
7. Quiche 2:44
8. Mishito 4:45
9. Mortal Santa Maria 7:02
10. La Confraria 7:28
11. Casamiento 3:10
12. Son Grasejo 5:00
13. Son del Baile del Moro 4:04
14. La Muerte de Cristo 5:39