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Mystic Music of Japan

Drift through the mystic gardens of musical delight with Kotobuki. Intimate acoustic instruments perform radiant traditional Japanese song. Soothing, Peaceful and Passionate instrumentals take you to faraway enchanted places on the sacred islands of Japan.

This wondrous recording features the amazingly beautiful Koto (long stringed zither), Shakuhachi (fantastic bamboo flute) and light percussion. Kotobuki is perfect for setting a calm, peaceful mood of exotic excellence.

Meditate, relax and drift into peaceful worlds with Kotobuki.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Soran Bush Oi Wake 5:24
2. General No Shirabe 6:09
3. Tsuru No Sugamori 4:49
4. Chirori No Kyoku click to listen to audio sample 6:03
5. Roy O Ranjo 1:55
6. Kitoku No Kyu gagaku 3:19
7. Itsuki No Komoriuta 3:00
8. Ru Kudan 6:10
9. Shaku click to listen to audio sample 2:33
10. Midare click to listen to audio sample 5:34
11. Netori Gagaku 10:56
12. Ichoshi Hichiriki 2:44


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