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Dream Music of the Far East

Let your imagination soar with this strange haunting music from Korea. Encounter a rich harvest of sonic splendor with this all-acoustic traditional music. Esteemed musicians create a seductive and strange sonic canvas of incredible splendor.

You'll hear some very exotic sounds from traditional instruments that are wonderfully evocative: Kayagum, a wonderful 6 foot long zither played and plucked with a master musicians magic touch. Komungo, a bass version of the Kayagum. Chango, an hour-glass shaped drum. Gong, Percussion and an amazing long bamboo flute that always gives me shivers when I hear it.

Korea is really exotic, strange, haunting music. Give yourself the pleasure and satisfaction of a Sonic Safari to Korea.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Kokdu Kaksi click to listen to audio sample 2:23
2. Komungo/Chango duet 5:04
3. Han Kanu Su Ta Ri Ung 3:24
4. A Ri Rang 1:52
5. Ka Gok Yo Chang Param U 6:14
6. Sang Ryog San 2 3:19
7. Chun Nyon Man Se click to listen to audio sample 6:07
8. Mil Yang A Ri Rang 2:07
9. Han O Baik Nyun Tae Pyong G click to listen to audio sample 4:08
10. Chung Kwang Ji-Gok 13:26
11. Pung Nyun Ga 2:16
12. San Jo 14:43