Kickbox Music

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Kickbox Music

Tropical Thai music

This is so exotic you won't believe it. Earthy, Upbeat, Ethnic & Amazing.

This is the music that accompanies the wild kickbox matches of Thailand. The music starts out slow with the warmup but kicks into high gear as the match escalates. The first time I heard this music I fell in love with it. Also included in this CD is wonderful Northern Thai folk music.

Sizzling drums, metallic marimbas, funky oboes & fantastic stringed instruments make this all acoustic fantasy just awesome. Don't miss it.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Lam Moey click to listen to audio sample 10:28
2. Chock Muay click to listen to audio sample 7:44
3. Pasat Waai click to listen to audio sample 14:27
4. Pao Kwai By click to listen to audio sample 10:41
5. Long Mae Ping 12:20