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Gigantic Bamboo Music

WOW! I just couldn't believe the size of these instruments. Huge bamboo tubes... some 10 feet long... were tuned to an exotic Balinese scale. The musicians launched into an amazing, rhythmic performance filled with an earthy, resonant, rainbow of sound. I WAS HOOKED

Jegog is some of the most uninhibited, raw village music I've ever heard... Imagine 20 Hindu musical masters playing bamboo xylophones of various sizes, wailing in the tropical breeze on the mystical isle of Bali.

Discover a celebration of festive bamboo music with Jegog.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Tabuh Trungtungan click to listen to audio sample 5:46
2. Cangak Mrengang
(Wild Herons)
click to listen to audio sample 25:18
3. Macan Putih
(White Tiger)
click to listen to audio sample 28:01
4. Mekepung
(Cow Race)