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Vibrant, Powerful Mystic Gong

This amazing CD features gongs from around the world: Bali, Java, Thailand, Burma, Tibet & China. I have a large collection of these wonderful gongs that make the most magical sounds. The Javanese huge Gong Agung is proported to have a resident spirit. Weekly offerings are given to these magnificent gongs.

Seductive, meditative, majestic & awe-inspiring. Gong takes you to the far east on a deep quest for inner satisfaction. Burmese spinning gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, Chinese temple bells & Javanese Gong Agungs makes Gong a must-have CD.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Tibetan Plateau click to listen to audio sample 9:38
2. Gong Master click to listen to audio sample 4:56
3. Burmese Spinning Gongs click to listen to audio sample 4:27
4. Mystic Dreams 6:16
5. Javascape 4:56
6. Gong Agung click to listen to audio sample 4:58
7. Global Rotation 7:44
8. Siam 8:28
9. Chinese Moonlight 6:27
10. Chuck's Belaganjur click to listen to audio sample 6:01


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