Gnawa Abdul

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Gnawa Abdul

Abdul L'African

Founded on old-world musical traditions. Gnawa music is ancient hypnotic trance music that dates back to pre-Islamic Africa. The musical instruments used in Gnawa are drums, clappers, and the wonderful Sentir (a colorful bass instrument with strings made of goat gut & covered in camel skin). The sentir puts out a deep percussive sound as the player plays the strings and hits the top of the drum-like body.

Gnawa ceremonies use music & dance to invite healing ancestor spirits sessions that last long into the night. Gnawa Abdul is a fabulous mix of color and musical texture.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Bohala click to listen to audio sample 8:17
2. Aihi click to listen to audio sample 4:47
3. Fulani 5:00
4. Bambara click to listen to audio sample 4:00
5. Hamouda 6:10
6. Mosaoine 5:10
7. Mulia Lohasa click to listen to audio sample 5:47
8. Hadiyha 4:51
9. Aisha 7:32