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Explosive Vocal Percussion

I was knocked out when I first heard Genjek music. I was in my guide's jeep driving through the rice fields when he played a cassette of Genjek. I said "THAT'S INCREDIBLE! WHAT IS IT?" It was a group from his village. I immediately made arrangements to go and record them. It was amazing.

Genjek starts out with a solo vocalist accompanied by drummers, gong, bamboo xylophone & flute. The introduction is exquisitely beautiful but suddenly a cue is given and the room bursts into a rousing cacophony of vocal counterpoint. It's SPECTACULAR. The singers are actually performing vocal drumming & percussion. It's the hottest vocal music I've ever heard!

There's nothing like Genjek. This is hair-raising music at its best.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Karma Pala click to listen to audio sample 9:37
2. Adi Ayu click to listen to audio sample 10:36
3. Jele Pisan click to listen to audio sample 9:53
4. Potongan Segi click to listen to audio sample 8:40
5. Bajang Sangian click to listen to audio sample 8:40
6. Teruna Tua 9:32


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