Gender Wayang

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Gender Wayang

Puppet Music from Bali

Gender Wayang is ancient ritual music of Bali. This music accompanies shadow puppet performances as well as other Hindu ceremonies such as cremations, tooth filings and other religious rites.

Two or four musicians perform this complex contrapuntal music with inter-locking parts that require great precision. The instruments are tuned to a scale called Slendro with each slightly detuned from the other to create a shimmering effect.

Music style: Gender Wayang Pemarwan
The players: I Wayan Budha & Made Jeri
The group: Bharata Muni, Sading
Recorded by Chuck Jonkey in Sading

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Sekar Pucuk click to listen to audio sample 5:42
2. Salendro click to listen to audio sample 5:04
3. Crucuk Punyah 5:09
4. Sekar Taman click to listen to audio sample 4:37
5. Sekar Sungsang 6:27
6. Cecak Megelut click to listen to audio sample 5:27
7. Dalang Ngidih Nasi 3:27
8. Merak Ngelo 5:51
9. Gending Langiang 1:28