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Raw, Ancient Flute Music

Gambuh displays the beauties of a primeval world... Enter a timeless realm of mystic flute music. The gambuh is a wondrous 3 foot long bamboo flute whose haunting melodies accompany Hindu temple ceremonies and exotic dances.

This is Enchanted Music... very rustic and evocative. You'll be surprised by these eccentric sounds. Gambuh music accompanies Bali's oldest ritual theatre & goes back to the beginnings of Indonesian musical tradition.

An aural adventure to a smoldering ancient world of simplicity.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Gineman Lebeng click to listen to audio sample 12:16
2. Gineman Selisir click to listen to audio sample 4:47
3. Gintani click to listen to audio sample 5:30
4. Gadung Mulati 11:51
5. Blah Mara/Batel 10:29