Folklorico de Veracruz

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Folklorico de Veracruz

Ensamble Folklorico de Veracruz

Discover the magic and pure pleasure of Mexican dance music. Stunning music from the famous Ballet Folklorico of Veracruz, Mexico.

These songs will set your feet on fire. Capture your imagination with rural, natural and totally acoustic music whose origins goes back before recorded history. Guitars, drums, percussion, violins, bajos, conches and more exotic instruments take you on a sonic safari to exotic worlds of tropical Mexico.

If you love exciting rhythms and fantastic ethnic music, then this CD is an absolute necessity for you!

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Las Amarillas click to listen to audio sample 2:33
2. Alingo 3:18
3. El Gusto 3:05
4. El Querreque click to listen to audio sample 4:30
5. El Zopilote 2:31
6. La Huasanga 4:10
7. La Petenera click to listen to audio sample 2:45
8. El Toro Rabon 4:07
9. La Malaguena click to listen to audio sample 3:12
10. La Cocineras 2:45
11. Paso de Camino 1:44
12. Tonatiu 2:00
13. Alabanza de Conquista 2:28
14. Aguila Blanca 2:48
15. Toro Requeson 3:25