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Global World Rock

Imagine what music you would hear if Jimi Hendrix went to Cuba or if Santana lived in Africa. Add a dash of Chinese rock ballads, world fusion grooves and a touch of rockabilly and you've got ChuckRock.

Soaring electric guitars, pounding drums, deep bottom bass and driving rhythms take you on a rocking world beat trip to distant exotic places. Sophisticated, intelligent, superbly crafted songs are the vehicles to a new rock experience. You're in for a wonderful treat with the rainbow driven songs of ChuckRock.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. ChuckRock click to listen to audio sample 8:38
2. The Bund click to listen to audio sample 3:17
3. My China Girl 3:48
4. Let the Children Rule click to listen to audio sample 7:14
5. Shanghai Girl click to listen to audio sample 4:26
6. Travelman Blues 3:36
7. Dancer from Guillin 3:55
8. Knock, Knock, Knock 4:11
9. She's My Mystic Lover click to listen to audio sample 4:53
10. Scooting 8:23
11. Monsoon 5:33


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