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Foot-stomping, Brain-rattling Music

The explosive rhythms of Chuckdance will knock you out! This H.V.M. (High Voltage Music) will electrify and stagger you with its unyielding power.

Guaranteed to shake and rattle your sense of time, Chuckdance is a rainbow blending of ancient and modern worlds. The primitive power of modern dance beats and world tribal rhythms will set your feet dancing. I took the crazy rhythms of Tekno, House, Funk, Hip Hop, Acid Jazz & more... and combined them with exotic, ancient, tribal music and sounds from my many expeditions.

Chuckdance will make you feel good all over.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Hanuman click to listen to audio sample 6:49
2. De Jungle 8:37
3. Carnavalo click to listen to audio sample 6:20
4. Fantastique click to listen to audio sample 7:21
5. Java Groove 6:14
6. Didj 7:13
7. The Orb click to listen to audio sample 6:26