Shaman's Dream: Bindu

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Shaman's Dream: Bindu

Mystical Healing Journey to the
Center of Consciousness

This is Shaman's Dreams' long awaited second release. "Bindu" the "Blue Pearl" is the ultimate point of focus for meditation. Mystic titles include: Moonlight Saptah, Into the Deep Blue Bindu & more. Features vivid environmental sounds & includes evocative deep diving whale songs.

Soothing, exotic music... ideal for meditation, yoga, relaxation and introspection. Cross the threshold into a tranquil world of peace. Use Bindu for massage and intimate encounters.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Gift of the Blue Pearl 9:26
2. Into the Deep Blue Bindu 21:36
3. Moonlight Saptah click to listen to audio sample 9:30
4. Into the Arms of Heaven click to listen to audio sample 10:05