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Tropical Upbeat Island Music

Banyuwangi is a village on the east coast of Java whose music is absolutely fantastic.

Enjoy three exotic village groups performing energetic Gandrung, Patrol & Angklung music. Patrol is incredible bamboo music, bamboo drums and xylophones rip through the world's best village musical performances. Gandrung music features sizzling drums, hot percussion & solo violin. Gandrung is the music that accompanies a really amazing dance. Angklung music is tropical metal music (iron gongs, drums and metal xylophones).

You can't miss with this explosive world music.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Angklung Gerdan click to listen to audio sample 7:03
2. Pahlawan Bangsa click to listen to audio sample 7:29
3. Gandrung Drums click to listen to audio sample 2:09
4. Ngarak Manten 7:47
5. Patrol Three 8:16
6. Jaran Ucul 3:43
7. Padang Ulan 10:01
8. Pesisir 7:44
9. Sekar Jenang 4:51
10. Punjari click to listen to audio sample 8:33