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Sparkling Music from West Java

Bandung is home to the world's most incredibly creative music. Powerful, percussive & compelling describes this Indonesian music.

I made a special trip to this wonderful city to capture amazing music. I heard the music of Bandung at a music festival in the city of Yogakarta and vowed I'd record it and expose it here in the west. Gratify yourself with primitive gongs, metalophones (metal xylophones), flutes, zithers and loads of percussion and drums.

The drumming style of Bandung is stellar. The drummers sit on the ground and churn out exciting beats using their hands and feet to vary the drum's pitch. The result is your passport to spicy music. Don't miss Bandung. If you can't go there - close your eyes, sit back and take a Sonic Safari with Bandung.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Tepat Telu click to listen to audio sample 3:45
2. Patet click to listen to audio sample 5:15
3. Dua Wilet 3:17
4. Karang Ulun click to listen to audio sample 8:13
5. Jaipong click to listen to audio sample 3:14
6. Bubuka click to listen to audio sample 4:07
7. Naik Sawilet 2:06
8. Pongawak 6:07
9. Laras Pati 7:59
10. Karatgan click to listen to audio sample 3:41
11. Pajajaran 0:56
12. Paleredan 9:53
13. Sekar Mawar 10:24